January 14, 2009

Lets paint this picture.. happily!! :)

Ah...this post is about something that I just felt 2 days back! Read this-

People are like crayons I tell you...different colors.

You might come across someone who would be shrewd and all the more clever (one big devil) - BLACK is the color! You might be with a person who would be the most apt personification of silence - for such people, WHITE! Then there is this non-stop chatterbox which goes blah..and this happened and blah...and that happened and blah types...you can associate the brightest RED with such people. Oh, and then one fine day you come across a girl who is beautiful and just about a perfect mixture of sugar and spice...PINK, for such beautiful ladies.

I came across one PINKY RED girl (more of RED) a few days back. After about half an hour, I felt like running, screaming and scratching my head. She just could not stick at one topic at a time..."OK, lets click a picture."

And just a minute later, "Transfer this song to my phone."

And a second later, she jumped on to something else.

Such people just leave others baffled at the end of the conversation.

Then you have some extreme sort of people, they think that every situation is either completely BLACK or completely WHITE. They cannot be somewhere in the middle - GREY. Talking to such people can be hazardous. There can be no conclusion that you can satisfactorily reach to. The best way out is to agree that whatever they said was right!

I have a friend who is the purest WHITE. He rarely talks, always smiles. :)

To make such people talk can be almost like banging your head against the wall presuming that one day the wall might move. But the only thing we would be left is a broken head!!

What I actually want to say is that you'll find many people coming into your life. But its not necessary that you have to like each one of them. Some people might make you feel that you are so special, some might leave you feeling frustrated and some might actually drive you crazy that you would almost feel like killing them. But that is not something that can be or should be done. One has to learn to mingle with every color, the RED or the PINK or the WHITE or even the BLACK.

No matter whichever color pops in, we should know how to make a rainbow out of it. This is what even I would try from now on. Let all of us get rid of the hatred and any sort of grudges that we ever had for anybody, accept everyone as they are and still live happily.

One request-

Never let the smile fade away from anyone's face. Its easy to hurt someone but it is very difficult to make that person smile once again.


Arnab said...

ok...good compilation...
but u r rite...all of us should learn to hang around with as many colours as we can...but sum ppl cant be digested at all...
its not ane particular type...varies from person to person...
but when u recognise dat colour...its better to stay away...coz u never know...patience my give way some day...and things might get nasty then...

Arjun said...

U know, as I was reading this post, I thought I should comment with wat ended up to be ur last paragraph....So u've said it... :)

I hear ppl say- "i hate him" , "i just cant stand him" kind of lines for no reason or reasons so small that u cant imagine... Hating someone or expressing that hatred isn't cool in anyway ryt.. :)

U with every post, kind of bring in positive vibes.... which is gr8..

Keep POsting, keep in touch..


Gauri Mathur said...


Aarthi said...

Thanks Gauri,

I'm glad you liked it. Since you are a new visitor, WELCOME.



Renu said...

loved ur request:)

Anonymous said...

hey Dop, what color am I? :) :)

Anonymous said...

ghastly green?
brilliant blue?
raging red?
yucky yellow?
beautiful black? :D

Aarthi said...

You are Super Silver :)