August 28, 2010

'H' Effect...! ;)

Stupid sms'es, cuppycake ringtone, coming to gmail, writing a post ... its all for him these days! Seriously... I mean, I never thought I would be so crazy about someone.

It is really funny to see that every second if there is something I expect is him...! His calls, his sms'es, his pings on gmail... his voice... his eyes... his smile...! The whole scenario... me walking on a Delhi road with a 'south-indian' guy talking in Tamil and people staring at me... this gave me jitters! But today, I walk on Delhi roads proudly, clinging to his arm while he hugs me tight, talking to him in Tamil and just not bothered about people staring at us as if Tamilians are aliens. :)

This guy has changed me... seriously. I never wanted to put my head into the work I was being forced to do. But today, my dad (or should I BOSS) is so happy with my work... it's all because of him. 'He' is the reason behind this. I saw him working...putting his heart and soul into it and that is when I realized, after all working doesn't make horns grow on our heads. It's all for good.

Even small things have changed... :) ...I have been too much into Tamil music these days. I was never even bothered about A.R. Rahman or Harris Jayaraj creating masterpieces down south. But today, I listen to all these songs and yes, I like it. Kajal has been replaced by an eye-liner. Yea, that sure is funny! But, this is what it is today...only because he likes it this way. 'Dont-you-dare-mess-with-me' attitude is being replaced by 'I-don't-care-about-you' and 'I-have-the-best-guy-in-the-world' attitude.

I was always bothered about those small things that disappointed me. They completely spoiled my day. He taught me how to be more adjusting in nature, how to accept things and not to crib about it. I know that he does want to pamper me like a kid, but most of the times... he avoids doing it just to make me stronger to face this world. I know how much I mean to him. He means the world to me.

The first time I saw him panic seeing a cut on my finger and a little blood on it, the moment my eyes woke up to see him sleeping with his mouth a little open ... I lost myself to him. It all began then... till forever.

It's called the 'H' Effect...!

Love you Mr. Srihari Menon.




Meow said...

These things happen only when THAT perfect person enters our life!!! :)

Scribbling Girl said...

Awww i can so relate to this post ...I can so copy paste it to my guy :)
God bless u guys.

Anonymous said...

nice post and some of my old days remembered

Anonymous said...

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