March 16, 2009

Worth of Relationships..!!

I woke up that morning because of my friend's call. My friends had organised a picnic that day to Alibaug. I got up, freshened up a bit and looked out of the window in my room. It was a warm sunny day!

I was so excited about the picnic...I rushed to my dad to seek permission and guess what...he REFUSED as always! I felt so bad...a disappointment early in the morning...the whole day was gone for a six I thought! Frowning and crying...I came back to my room...called my friend and told her that I won't be able to go with them.

The whole day I kept thinking about my bad he is...just like a Hindi movie villain...thought how good it would have been if he would not have been in Delhi today (he keeps on travelling all the time). I did not know why I was cursing him! I just did not know! I cried all day long...

Two days later I got a news... there was this girl in my college...I won't take her name here Ms. A... we were no more friends. My friend Bhavna messaged me that A's dad expired...just a day before 31st Dec, 2008. I could not think of anything else but A's condition. What would she be would she manage...her mom...her sister who is of marriageable age now...her future. Everything would be a question mark for her now! I met her online...spoke to her...our enmity vanished...I was genuinely concerned about her. She felt good that at least I spoke to her at this difficult time.

The news of her dad's death changed my perception. I could not think of the day when something would happen to any of my loved ones. I hated myself for having cursed my dad that day for just not allowing me to go with my friends. This incident made me realise how important it is to thank God for having given us such wonderful parents, siblings and friends. Never ever curse them for any of their mistakes...because they say that you realise the importance of your loved ones when they are not there with you. Why have such a realisation? Why curse them for a minute or a day and be cursed yourself for an entire life? Cherish everyone around you...realize the worth of each and everyone...Love them unconditionally and thank them for everything that they have given you and done for you!

For each and everyone related to me in some or the other way...there is a simple but a special message to all of you... I LOVE YOU!! THANK YOU for everything...




Anonymous said...

i cant believe this has not got a comment yet! :O

it was such a beautiful way to express ur love for ur dad... he's lucky to have u too! :)

Aarthi said...

:) Thanks da!