December 19, 2008

Mr. Aamir Khan or Mr. XYZ or Ms. ABC..??


Flip through the headlines and you see the world exploring..

"Finally revealed, how Aamir Khan got his eight pack abs and stunning physique for his upcoming flick Ghajini.."

"Katrina Kaif..declared the world's most sexiest woman..and one of the most top searches in the google search engine!!"

"FUNNY"..yes that is the word!! Recently I saw..Mr. Shahrukh Khan was awarded the title of 'Datuk'-the equivalent of a knighthood in Britain. And why?? He was awarded this title by Malacca in recognition of his promotion of the southern state through his films. This move, for sure, has stirred a lot of controversies across the globe. I just need to ask WHY?? If Mr.Khan deserves this award, then perhaps many hollywood stars too deserve this..including Sean Connery and Catherine Zeta-Jones who shot the Hollywood movie Entrapment in Kuala Lumpur in 1999 should also be given similar recognition. Either way, it's making a laughing stock out of the very people behind the idea.

I personally believe that Mr.Khan's deeds where not of paramount significance that he was honoured with this title.

Secondly, another Mr.Khan creating a buzz these days..Mr. Aamir!! The youth running to the salons across the globe..ready to do anything to get the Ghajini hair-cut..what a fuss!!


It is being said that Mr.Aamir Khan's fitness trainer has been gettin numerous calls..people want a physique just like that of Aamir's. People surely need a wake-up call. No doubt..our actors and actresses have always done a great job..BUT..not enough to receive such titles..and people blindly doing anything that these actors do..excuse me!!

There are many things that the youth can pay attention to. To speak of a few examples, I heard of the "TEACH INDIA PROGRAM" - AN INITIATIVE BY THE TIMES OF INDIA. It was very disheartening to see such a feeble response from our youth. Talk about charity, have awareness campaigns across India, animal rights..human rights.. AIDS Awareness..awareness about cervical cancer..anything!!

But the youth is busy trying to become the greatest "PANKHA" (fan)..of Mr.X or Mr.Y or Ms.A!!

Wake up guys..India needs you!! Stop chasing these actors and something for your country..and the world will chase you!!

PS: Every view expressed here is that of the writer. I loved Taare Zameen Par..
No offence. :)



Arjun said...

If our news media, especially TV channels realize that, i guess half job is done....

Some of the crappy news channels are only abt bollywood and cricket...

I think, Amir Khan is all of a sudden overdoing things for publicity....
They have their own issues....

We shall hope that our people jus dont make the fool out of themselves...


Aarthi said...

Yea..thats wat!! I mean people do anything for them..!!

Thnx for droppin in ur comment dude..!! I really appreciate your interest in my blog..!!



Arjun said...

U dont have to be thanking me so much Aarthi..!! :)

I mean, which ever blog I visit I make it a point to leave a comment.. Good, bad or silly comes next... After all we write for that ryt?? :P

Keep Posting..


The Solitary Writer. said...


media creating hype and automatically makes them famous

well wht wud they do if aamir khan has 8 packs or kk is sexiest girl in asia

ask them to cut the crap and show some useful news

and yes even i liked TZP


i liked that PS u write :p

Anonymous said...

i love taare zameen par too! :D

and your views are uniquely ur own as usual! :D

Aarthi said...

@ Vinu,

Positively or :P :P