December 26, 2008

A memorable Christmas..

This a post to thank all those who made it to my party!!

Thank-you guys..because all of you helped me in making my day so memorable..!! As it was Christmas, i thought most of you would not be able to make it to my party, but thankfully, many of you did..and i would always be so obliged to you for this. My happiness said it all yesterday!!

Thanks a ton..after all, i think that is what friendship is for..standing by your friends in times when they need you the most..!! You could have celebrated your Christmas with your family..instead, you decided to make it to my party..!! Thanks a lotttt..

Love ya all..!!


Rahul said...

nice to see somebody enjoying life so much...keep it up..!!

Anonymous said...

i'll come this yr if i can :)

Anonymous said...

host a new years party too :)

Anonymous said...

and a valentines day one as well :D